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Pest Control

The very comforts of your home create ideal conditions for unhealthy household pests. Is your home a victim of these unwanted invaders? If so … call on Nature’s Own Pest Control to provide GUARANTEED solutions for your worst pest problems.

Bed Bug
Treatment Solutions

We know Bed Bugs and how to conduct proper bedbug removal. If you have Austin Bed Bugs we are your solution. Bedbugs (or bed bugs) are small nocturnal insects of the family Cimicidae that live by hematophagy, feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts. 

Termite Control 
Treatment Solutions

Don’t let termites damage the structural integrity of your home. While termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year, they can be effectively controlled with proper service technologies. Don’t delay…get permanent termite protection for your home.

#1 Organic Pest Control 


From Dallas to Houston and Austin to San Antonio, Nature’s Own Pest Control has been serving Texas communities for over 12 years. For homeowners who are looking for a safer and more natural alternative to conventional pest control, Nature’s Own is one of the few companies that specializes in organic pest control in Texas. Organic compounds will be safer for your family and for your pets while making sure to thoroughly eliminate unwanted pests.

In a world increasingly conscious of finding and utilizing safer, healthier and more natural alternatives to eliminating unwanted creatures, Nature’s Own Pest Control is a forerunner for organic insect elimination. In addition to leading the industry in safer solutions, we are leading the way in creating a new industry standard that will one day provide the same healthy alternatives for everyone.

We have effective rodent and squirrel pest control that won’t harm the real pets. Keep wasps and stinging insects away from your outdoor living spaces with wasp control products. Natural pest control of common household pests such as ants, mice, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, pantry moths, and roaches includes many types of organic pesticides, natural repellents, organic baits, and traps. Break the insect cycle where you live, work and play naturally! The key is integrated pest management with non-toxic and environmentally friendly products. Protect your family, pets, and property while eliminating existing insects, as wells as the next generation of pests inside and outside your home.

We know you have many choices for your Austin Organic Exterminator, but let the professionals at Nature’s Own Pest Control show you why we’re the BEST! Ask about our new customer specials! We offer pest control San Antonio and Pest Control Austin.

Our newest location serves all you Pest Control Dallas needs!

natural pest controlHaving regular pest control is a fact of life for many of us here in Texas. But in order to live without being overrun by the pests, We should not have to settle for a compromise that forces us to expose ourselves and our families to dangerous chemicals, especially when safer alternatives are available that not only work better but also last longer.

Nature’s Own Pest and Lawn Services are offering a new line of green and organic products. This service will benefit your family and pets from harmful chemicals that most pest control providers use on a daily basis.

Standard Pest Control Services

Our expert technicians will conduct a complete inspection of your home and property to determine your pest control needs. After the inspection is complete, the specialist will speak with you and discuss the treatment plan they have concluded is best for your property before conducting initial services.

  •         Preliminary Service: This is the first treatment conducted to eliminate pests from your home and property. After the inspection is finished, our specialists will target problem areas and areas vulnerable to pest intrusion.
  •      Treatment in the House: We will target key locations within the home that are typically vulnerable to pest intrusion such as exterior points of entry and windows as well as areas that may harbor insects such as under the refrigerator or behind baseboards.
  •         Treating Outside the House: Common problem areas surrounding the home are often entryways, the garage, and even that pile of wood stacked against the house. Sheds are also a common area that is overlooked in treating for rodents or insects.
  •         Recurring Services: The treatment plan provided during the preliminary service will also include a detailed plan for future treatment and pest prevention. It will discuss the frequency of the services as well as what will be treated during those visits. For example, services may target certain pests in a seasonal manner.

Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control now available from Nature’s Own Pest Control. There is no need to put your family and pets at risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals to remove unwanted pests. Nature’s Own Pest Control uses the best organic pesticides and environmentally friendly products in our Austin pest control services and San Antonio pest control services. We offer these green pest control services for insects such as termites, cockroaches, carpenter ants, bees around your home and as lawn pest control too.

Organic Pest Control in Texas: Keeping Your Family Safe

Nature’s Own is one of the few pest control companies in Texas that offers the full line of EcoSMART exterior and interior repellants and eliminators. These products are wholly plant-based and completely safe for your family. Furthermore, they are equally as effective as the leading conventional resolutions. Because the EcoSMART products are botanical agents, they leave a significantly lower toxic footprint to both mammals and plant life.

With the EcoSMART system, you will get the following benefits:

  •        A Sustainable Method of Treatment
  •        An Exceptionally Safer Form of Control
  •        A Much Simpler and Cost-Effective Service
  •   A Compound Capable of Eliminating and Repelling More Types of Pests
  •       A Much Better Choice for Young Children and Family Pets

These organic agents are based on plant-extracted essential oils that have a natural efficacy against insects. Many organic and natural farmers use these same agents as pesticides for their crops – allowing them to keep pests away while maintaining their organic certifications.

Texas is a warm and, in certain regions, humid state. Pest control will always be a necessity. With pest control being a regular part of our lives, we should strive to make it safer and healthier to be around. At Nature’s Own, we do not believe that you and your family should have to compromise health and well-being just to avoid pesky creatures. That is why, as a company, we will always strive to find better and safer methods of treatment for you, your family, and the environment.

Natural Pest Control

People have always hated bugs. They are creepy, disgusting, and can actually be a safety concern for you and your family. Sadly, pets and children are often the victims since they are not as vigilant as adults. Because of our obvious disdain for insects and rodents, pest control was born. It worked like a charm, however there was very little oversight and standards in the industry, leading to products that worked– but with side effects.

People wanted an eco-friendly alternative that was just as effective, but was environmentally sound. Organic pest control was the solution that presented itself, and is now an extremely popular way to keep your home pest free.

Which Bugs?
Here in Texas, there is an array of different critters and crawlers that you might happen upon. Spiders, ants, bed bugs, roaches, and termites just scratch the surface of the thousands of different species. However, the products and service that we will be providing will cover all these and more, depending on the species. For instance, a different service will be used on spiders than if you had termite damage.

Termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage every year in the United States, most of it coming from the Southern regions. We offer advanced termite treatments using liquid product that can eradicate them at the source and protect entry points like cracks in concrete and around pipes. Trenching is also done with liquid treatments so that subterranean termites that are tunneling underneath are stopped before they even get to your house.

What is it?
Organic Pest Control can be defined with two simple words: “All Natural”. Digging deeper, you’ll realize that almost all traditional pest companies use synthetic chemicals that were once derived in a lab somewhere. Our products are made from age-old products that Mother Nature created. You’ll be happy to know that not only will your pests be a thing of the past, but you’ll also feel great knowing you haven’t contributed to environmental concerns that are plaguing this country.

Offering animal control as well, Nature’s Own is the complete solution to get rid of pests. We proudly serve Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston.

Safety is our Specialty
Our certified technicians are professional, friendly, and trained regularly to handle any pest problem that you are experiencing. Our products match the care that your property will be receiving, as they are EcoSmart products. In fact, they are fine to use around pets and children and have been granted the label “safe” on their packaging. You are in good hands!

Houston Animal Removal Service

These organic or natural pesticides and repellents will solve most common home and garden pest issues. Natural pest control for inside the home: kitchens, pantries, and even houseplants. Rid the lawn and garden of fire ants with natural fire ant control products. No one likes cockroaches! Get rid of roaches indoors and out with non-toxic pest control.Stop rodents and squirrels from running around your yard!

We have effective rodent and squirrel pest control that won’t harm the real pets.Keep wasps and stinging insects away from your outdoor living spaces with wasp control products.Natural pest control of common household pests such as ants, mice, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, pantry moths and roaches includes many types of organic pesticides, natural repellents, organic baits, and traps. Break the insect cycle where you live, work and play naturally! The key is integrated pest management with non-toxic and environmentally friendly products. Protect your family, pets and property while eliminating existing insects, as wells as the next generation of pests inside and outside your home.

We know you have many choices for your Austin Organic Exterminator, but let the professionals at Nature’s Own Pest Control show you why we’re the BEST! Ask about our new customer specials! We offer pest control San Antonio and Pest Control Austin.

Our newest location serves all you Pest Control Dallas needs!

Our Texas Lawn Services

Lawns can be as much a part of the home as is the inside of the house. It is nice to know that the yard is healthy, and your family is safe spending time in it. But we also understand the difficulties that come with keeping the lawn looking beautiful.

Our lawn care specialists will provide the proper service to keep insects from destroying the flora while also keeping the lawn free of unwanted weeds. Nature’s Own will provide regular fertilization to ensure your grass stays green and healthy, rain or shine.

Lawn Aeration Services: Aeration is the process of creating evenly space

perforations in the ground to allow the soil to better receive both water and oxygen. This

increase in water and air absorption is beneficial for several reasons. Most notably to

keep the grass greener and to prevent the grass from dying during dry winter months.

Lawn aeration is typically a costly service on its own. However, at Nature’s Own, we make it an affordable part of any lawn care plan. No matter where you are and what seasonal effects you are used to, aerating your lawn will yield thicker grass and healthier soil. This means that flora planted in aerated soil is more likely to grow and more likely to be healthy and strong.

Call us today and find out why our aerating service is the best in Texas!

Animal Removal Services in Texas

Insects are one thing and dead ones can easily be swept up and done away with swiftly. However, larger animals like those of the rodent world do not go down so easily. In most cases, it is safer, easier, and more humane to simply remove them. While rodents may not have a vendetta against your or your family, they can cause serious damage to your home and lawn.

Raccoons love to constantly rummage through your trash and, no matter how hard you try, they seem to always find a way to get in the bins – sometimes destroying them in the process. Opossums are notorious for burrowing tunnels under your house’s foundation, potentially causing irreparable damage to the home.

Why you should trust a professional removal service like Nature’s Own:

  •         Diseases: Wild animals carry a wide variety of diseases. While not all animal diseases are transferable to humans, they can be caught by your cat or dog. Rodents can carry diseases like rabies, and when provoked, they can bite or scratch. Our technicians are specially trained and equipped with protective gear and clothing that shield them from an attack during the removal process.

·         Poison and Venom: Animals like snakes can carry venom depending on the type. The Western Diamondback rattlesnake, Cottonmouth, and Texas Coral snake are all very prevalent and very venomous. They love small dark spaces and are likely to strike when cornered or threatened.

Bed Bug Elimination in Texas

There are few pest problems more urgent than bed bugs. Bed bug removal can be a cumbersome and difficult task to accomplish. That’s is why you should trust a professional to take of them for you. That being said, bed bug prevention starts in the home with proper cleanliness and attention to detail. Here are some steps to follow prior to a bed bug removal service:

  1.      The house must be thoroughly vacuumed, and the content of the vacuum be thrown away in a sealed container. This will prevent bed bugs from spreading to other parts of the house.
  2.      Furniture drawers must be emptied of all items, especially clothing. All bedding and clothing must be thoroughly washed and dried on high heat for at least half an hour.
  3.      Furniture must be pulled away from the walls and left in the room so that these items can be treated as well. Bed bugs like to hide anywhere they can, so it is important that all furniture be fumigated and treated properly.
  4.      All food products must be sealed and stored to prevent contamination during the treating process.
  5.      Items like children’s toys must be thoroughly washed and disinfected, then placed in sealed containers.

Dealing with bed bugs is no small task. Fortunately, Nature’s Own is experienced in dealing with bed bugs and has the expertise to eliminate them properly. Call today for a free estimate on bed bug removal.

For more detailed instructions and what to expect during and after bed bug service is performed, see our bed bug removal service page.

Texas Termite Treatment and Prevention

No other creature can cause as much devastation to a home than termites. Contrary to belief, termites will invade any type of structure, not just wood. Colonies of termites can become so large that they cause pervasive damage to the structure of the home. Incidentally, damage from termites can be extremely dangerous, especially if the colony erodes through load bearing beams or joists.

It is also for this reason that preventative measures are so important. Damage to the structure of your home can be very costly depending on the severity of the damage. In most cases, the frame must be exposed and replaced. Termite damage can also compromise a home’s resale value.

How we perform these services:

Surveillance and Luring: Our specialists will place devices around the exterior of the home that actively monitor for termite presence. During regular treatment visits, technicians will check these devices to see if there is any activity from termites. If activity or presence is found, baiting material will be placed in these same devices. The termites feed on and spread the material to their colony. In a short time, the colony will be either successfully controlled or eliminated altogether.

  •         Liquid Spot Treatments: A special liquid is distributed in hard to reach places in order to eliminate existing termites. This liquid is also an effective barrier and sealer to prevent termites from entering the structure of the home in the first place. Technicians will usually distribute the compound near window and door seals as well as any other potential points of entry into the home.

Why Choose Us?

We have been serving the fine state of Texas for over 12 years, and we are proud to call Texas our home. We have a vested interest in seeing our community satisfied with their pest service and look forward to helping you realize the same level of satisfaction.

At Nature’s Own, we aim to preserve the well-being of future generations of Texans and individuals everywhere. That is why we are committed to providing Texas communities with the latest technology in repelling and eliminating pests. We are also committed to seeing individuals and families live healthier lifestyles. That is why we offer organic pest control solutions designed to keep pests away and families safe.

Our technicians will provide you and your loved ones with professional and courteous service every time. Our promise is to be more than just ‘the insect guy’ but to be a member of the community you love. Just ask some of our happy customers or see our testimony page for more details.

  • Prompt, Professional Service
  • Certified, Licensed & Insured
  • FREE Pest Inspections & Phone Quotes
  • In Business Over 12 Years
  • Same Day Service Available

Not sure what condition your home is in? Curious to see if there is really an issue? Nature’s Own offers estimates for your home and lawn free of charge. Contact us by phone or through our website and start your journey to a better peace of mind about your property’s condition today!

If you are looking for the best organic pest control in Texas, then look no further. Call us today and speak with one of our specialists to find out more about our services.     

Call us today for immediate service to eliminate your pest problem at your Texas home or office!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

At Nature’s Own, we pride ourselves in providing the very best in pest control. Insect and rodent intrusion into the home present, not just a frustrating problem but a hazard to family health as well. As such, we take servicing your home very seriously and strive to make sure you are fully satisfied with our work.

If there are any points of the treatment you are dissatisfied with, we will re-service those areas free of charge. We will work tirelessly until your satisfaction is realized.

Lawn & Shrub

Are you tired of being the eyesore on your street? Frustrated with the seemingly endless and impossible task of keeping your lawn and shrubs healthy and green? Call Nature’s Own – we promise to solve your problems fast and easy. We guarantee your yard to be healthy, green and pest free.

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Prepare for Bed Bug Treatment in Austin, TX

There are several ways bed bugs may make their way into homes like a crack or crevice in the wall. Once they do, female bedbugs can lay hundreds of eggs over a lifetime. If not taken care of immediately, this can become a real nuisance within your home. You’ll notice...

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