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#1 Houston Pest Control

Nature’s Own Pest Control is proud to hold their standard as being one of the best Houston pest control services in Texas. We are a professional, industry-grade pest control service that works hard to rid your home completely of pests so you can live happily ever after, pest free! We guarantee fast acting service and chemicals, affordable rates, and no more pests. You only need one man for the job, and Nature’s Own Pest Control is it.

houston pest controlThrough our award-winning technology, our team investigates your property inside and out for conditions that would invite pests, tackles your current infestation, and puts an end to their life cycle to prevent more pests from invading. While Nature’s Own Pest Control intensely and thoroughly trains their employees turning them into pest experts, our team will know exactly the classification and behavior of the pests infesting your home. With that being said, our team will immediately be able to target the pests through our industry-grade solutions.

Pests Don’t Stand a Chance With Nature’s Own Pest & Lawn Services

Besides making you immensely uncomfortable and weary, pests are actually a serious risk to your health and property! Pests can carry harmful diseases and can cause serious damage, which is why it’s important to rid of them completely as soon as possible. No matter what time of year it is, pests always find their way in searching for food and a home (your home!). Unfortunately, keeping pests entirely away is not a one and done a type of deal, it is a year long process. With Nature’s Own Pest and Lawn Services, we will work to the best of our abilities to protect your home, and send those pests back where they came from.

Most Common Pests

If you’re not sure what creepy crawlies are infesting your home, we have an extensive list of all the pests we exterminate. If one of these critters is what you think is currently invading your home, contact us today!

  • Bed bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Rodents
  • Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Fleas
  • Spiders
  • And more!

What to Expect from Your Nature’s Own Pest Control Exterminator

Our team has taken pest control seriously from the day we launched as a professional pest control in Houston. Our extensive list of satisfied customers will prove our hard work and dedication to delivering our customer’s successful results.

At Nature’s Own Pest Control, we use today’s latest science and technology to protect your home. Not to mention, your Nature’s Pest Man is trained to develop a highly effective plan uniquely suited to your pest control needs. Contact us today to receive successful pest removal, for good!

Our Points of Pest Control Service

pest exterminator HoustonNature’s Own Pest Control uses a variety of techniques and protocols to help ensure your home is receiving the proper care to get rid of pests for good. Our qualified team of pest terminating experts follow these strict points of service so our customers are always receiving the best possible care and outcomes.


We strive to protect your property from pests first. We will treat the perimeter and interior of your property with the most effective and up-to-date materials; remove the current infestation, while still using the safest methods possible. Your property becomes our first priority to protect.


Once assigned to you, our team is fully dedicated to do everything in their power to keep pests out. Whether that’s to seal, plug and secure gaps and cracks, we strive to keep those pesky suckers out!

Keep Track

We don’t just treat the pests and walk out and forget about our customers! No, once we treat your property we closely monitor every infested area throughout the entire process. We never leave our customers sides until we know the job is finished, and you are officially declared pest free.


Our credibility is what has brought so many loyal customers to our company. We always provide detailed reports of our services rendered with you for your documentation as well as ours. In fact, we even provide an expert list of recommendations on how to keep your home pest free. Even though we love our customers, you’re better off if we don’t see you again, because that means you’re staying pest free!

Follow Up

We care about your experience and needs. Throughout the entire process, we stay in touch with our clients between our everyday schedules. In addition, we have a team on the line ready to receive your call with any needs or concerns you may have during or after the pest control process.

Why Nature’s Own Pest and Lawn Services?

We have “getting rid of pests” down to a science. Your pests won’t stand a chance against Nature’s Own Pest Control! Our company partners with the best Entomology researchers all over the country to stay on our game. This means our pest control services, which includes the process, solutions, and tools, are all backed by science.

We pride ourselves in providing the best-qualified pest control team of employees to service our clients. Nature’s Own Pest Control is backed with the latest technology and to handle even the toughest of pest problems. Through our vigorous training program, we have been able to make some of the best pest men in Houston! Our highly-trained pest men are using the most advanced tools to give them an extra advantage over those pests.

Contact Us Today

At Nature’s Own Pest and Lawn Services we are never satisfied until our clients are satisfied. We are the only pest control service in Houston, TX that will accommodate your needs if you were not satisfied with our services.

No one fully understands pests like we do, which is why you become our number one priority the second you call. You will receive instant pest service, fast acting results, and an in-depth diagnosis report so you know what is going on the whole time we treat your home. Pests don’t wait, so neither should you—call us today!

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