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The way mother nature Intended!

A bug in the bathroom is one thing. An entire infestation of pests swarming your house is an entirely different playing field. A bug or two can quickly and easily be taken care of by either removing said pests, sealing cracks and holes, or taking advantage of predator pests to handle the infestation mother nature’s way. Once the bugs have moved into your home and made them themselves comfortable, it’s a bit harder to handle on your own. This is when calling in a local pest control expert is your best bet.

Being picky about your pest control and the pesticides they use in your home will work in your favor here, as the chemicals used in some of the treatments contribute to health problems or cause damage to the environment, as most are synthetically created in a lab somewhere. Things of that nature don’t mix well with the natural environment, and the chemicals can run off into water or food sources.

Why Organic?

Using an organic pest control service will keep you, your family, and your environment safe. While choosing a people-friendly and earth-friendly treatment option is important, it’s also important to make sure the chosen company specializes in treating the pests of your area so they get right down to the problem. In Austin, you’re probably used to seeing several different kinds of bugs and critters. Some of the most common ones include spiders, cockroaches, ants, and termites, but there can be a whole host of other pests.

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Pick the Best One

Hands down, the most important part to picking the right company is digging in yourself for information. But before you start Googling or calling around, you should know what you’re looking for to find the best pest control in Austin, Texas.

  • Get to know how safe the product is

You want to know what products they use and you want to know about those products. If the pest control company’s site doesn’t go in to detail about their products, look elsewhere for the information. If you can find the chemicals used, check to see if they are labeled as safe for:

  •       Children
  •       Pets
  •       Groundwater
  •       Birds and Wildlife

FDA-approved ingredientsMost importantly, you want to know if the EPA has signed off on this product as “SAFE.” If the product is allowed to be labeled as such, it was given the stamp of approval by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Another great quality that the pesticides should have is a list of FDA-approved ingredients.

To keep it as all-natural and organic as can be, check the list of ingredients. Even double check the sources of those ingredients if they look unfamiliar to you. They should be botanically-sourced.

  • Get to know how effective the product is

The pesticide product should have a proven track record to work for the pests you are having issues for. Even if you have to call the companies you’re researching, it’s good to know. Ask them about their history using the product.

  • Get to know the company

Read up on reviews of their service. Use google reviews, Yelp reviews, or testimonials available on the company website. Check to see if they offer any sort of warranty or guarantee. If a company is confident in their work, they should be able to give you some sort of promise that their service will get the job done.

A Great Choice

At Nature’s Own Pest & Lawn Service, our service comes backed with great reviews, a satisfaction guarantee, FDA-approved ingredients, and EPA-approved “SAFE” label. We use all-natural ingredients and will give you peace of mind that you made a great choice in hiring us. Call today to begin conquering your pest problem!