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If you speak to a pest control expert, chances are that they could agree with you that things like Raid and store-bought bait traps can help out when it comes to controlling pests. But like many other things, there comes a time when it’s best to leave the DIY skills alone, pick up the phone, and call a professional to handle the problems in your home.

It might seem more cost-effective at first to simply buy the products and treat the area yourself, but it actually becomes of greater value to hire a company over the long-term.

Currently, the national average price for pest control services is between the range of $108 and $264. These numbers fluctuate depending on the problem. Let’s take a closer look at what affects the price of pest control services.

How Big is the Problem and How Big is the Home?

First, consider size. Both the size of your home and the size/magnitude of your pest problem will sway the price of treatment. If the size of the problem is unknown or if your Austin pest control company decides upon spraying the entire area to avoid the risk of not spraying an area where pests may secretly be hiding, the size of your house will greatly affect treatment cost. Larger square footage will require more product used, thus a higher bill.

Magnitude of the pest infestation is also a great determining factor of the extermination cost. A few carpenter ants will not merit as intensive of a service regimen as an entire colony of termites, for example. Of course, it’s not always easy to determine how big or bad the infestation is. In this case, you may decide to treat everything to air on the safe side. Again, this will raise your total cost.

What’s the Frequency of Visits?

Pest control in Austin

Some exterminators will compare pest control with house cleaning; the more time goes in between treatments, the worse the situation is each time. Don’t be surprised if your Austin exterminator says something similar and requests one intensive initial visit followed by several less expensive follow-up treatments.

For this pricing format, an initial visit may run you around $180 with follow-ups at $50 to $100 each, depending on frequency.

On the other hand, your pest control expert may think one visit is enough. This could be an intense visit running you about $400.

What Kind of Pests Do You Have?

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Determining which kind of pest you’re dealing with is a critical component to understanding where the cost of service comes from. Sometimes, identifying one type of pest in your home may mean there are other kinds of pests there as well. For example, if you notice an abundance of wolf spiders in your home, there may also be a presence of their favorite prey, cockroaches.

Your extermination service will be tailored to the kind of pest problem you are dealing with; some respond better to sprays while others are easy to control via bait traps. In a worst-case scenario, fumigation may be the only thing to save your home and family from an unwelcome infestation of termites. Talk with your service provider about their past rates for similar pest problems in other home.

A Company You Can Count On

At Nature’s Own Pest Control, we estimate fair prices and recommend thorough treatment for full control over your home pest problem. For termite control in Austin, we’ve got you covered. Request a service visit or give us a call to chat pricing, and say goodbye to the pests that have made themselves at home in your house.