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It is quite common to across rodents that might seek shelter in the vicinity of your home so it is perhaps time to call your local exterminator. Right from rats, mice, squirrels to raccoons and opossums, rodents wreak havoc in every household in Dallas, Austin, and Houston. Once your home is free from wildlife invaders, your next step should be to keep such critters from getting into your space again. It is necessary to eliminate any viable conditions that make it possible for rodents to survive – focusing primarily on their source of food, water, and shelter. Here’s how you can rodent-proof your home to avoid future pest invasions.

Store Food Properly in the Pantry

It is a necessary practice to store food packets securely, in your pantry specifically during winter time. You must never leave food on the counters since rats and mice are opportunistic feeders and will scrounge in the kitchen for leftovers. You can eliminate their food source by clearing away discarded food crumbs, storing dry food in sealed containers and stacking pet food in airtight tubs.  

Seal off Entry Points Properly

Check for probable cracks and crevices around the perimeter of your home and seal off openings. This includes checking points of entry like vents from the laundry room and atop roof overhangs, doorways, and basement windows. You can use wire mesh for openings in the wall, and within exterior vents. Use caulk to seal off pipe openings, get rid of standing water, repair holes in your foundation and install vinyl seals under the garage door.

Getting Rid of Rodent Habitat

Since rodents have a tendency to nest in cosy corners, you should first examine every space in your home for clutter. This means you’ll need to remove built-up debris from your outdoor patio, and trim the excessive vegetation growing in the lawn. You can use mesh, steel wool and sheet metal for sealing entryways. You will need to clear out extra boxes from the storage room, perform a chimney sweep and use kitchen trash cans with lids that can seal shut.

Store Your Firewood Efficiently in Sheds

Rodents love stacks of firewood since it provides them with shelter and is warmer than most spaces inside your home. You’ll want to be mindful of where and how you store firewood for the coming winter season. A useful practice would be to store these logs of wood away from your house, and near the fence.

Install Strips on Exterior Doors & Windows

Installing self-closing devices on frequently used doors is a preventive method that includes buying adhesive brush strips for sealing open spaces in doorways and windows. Weather strip gaps can be used in doorways that lead into buildings, set up bait stations outside the perimeter of your home and you should also spray the entryways with rodent repellent.

Routine Checks by Rodent Control Experts

While it is important to take a few precautions at home, contact Nature’s Own Pest Control to perform a routine check every now and then. Our handy pest control services in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio offers effective methods to maintain a rodent-free home for you. Call us and request a free estimate to protect your home from rodent problems in the future.