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Austin, TX – Bed bugs and household pests can turn sleeping and every-day life in your home into a living nightmare, and the costs of the overall damages, as well as the costs to get rid of the pests, can be defeating.

But besides the financial costs, many homeowners don’t recognize the costs to health that these pests and the termination process can often have. But fortunately for those in Texas, one organic pest control company, Nature’s Own Pest Control, has created a revolutionary way to safely and effectively get rid of bed bugs through their new cryo freeze service. And now, they have also expanded their service areas so that more homeowners in Texas can experience safe and effective elimination of their pest problem.

The technicians of Nature’s Own have been trained to provide a thorough analysis of a customer’s home and recommend the best solutions for removing unwanted pests with organic means. They are a more natural solution to reclaim a home that is safer and non toxic for both pets and children.

Bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes and other creatures can be brought about the same features of a home that make it comfortable to live in, in just the same way that dirt and debris can cause pest infestations. Without professional help, pests may make themselves at home, causing irreparable or expensive damage, in addition to being a nuisance to the home’s inhabitants.

Termites have been known to cost billions in structural damage each year, while bed bugs can cause itchy and unhealthy allergic reactions. Other pests may be a bother by biting or stinging. While bug spray may be a temporary solution, if a home or yard has a true pest infestation, this won’t hold them off long. The other side to this is that many pest solutions are filled with chemicals that leave unsafe residue and may not even solve the problem.

Understanding this, Nature’s Own Pest Control provides Austin, Texas pest control, Houston, Texas pest control, San Antonio, Texas pest control, and Dallas, Texas pest control. By utilizing products that are EPA registered and completely organic, in combination with their scrutinizing eye for detail, Nature’s Own Pest Control believes they have the answer for helping their customers become pest free, and stay that way.

Both pest and lawn services are provided by Nature’s Own. A solid dedication has helped them grow their business quickly, and allowed them to expand service to many of the major cities in Texas. As a testament to their work, they provide a complete satisfaction guarantee that includes redoing any inspections and any pest solutions until their customers is totally satisfied. To help customers plan for becoming pest free, a free estimate can be requested, so that customers can know the cost of the services they will need. This allows the Nature’s Own technicians to tailor fit the experience for each customer and whatever pests they are dealing with.

They have over twelve years of experience in the pest industry and provide solutions at affordable prices. With consistent training to keep them up to date in the latest in techniques and supplies to help keep their customers pest free, Nature’s Own technicians have built a reliable and trustworthy reputation as safe and effective removal for pests.

With their new, advanced technologies and expansive reach, it is no wonder that they are becoming known as Texas’ number one organic pest control company.

Contact: Frank Whittemore