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Do you cringe at the sight of a mouse scurrying past your feet? Perhaps those puncture marks on the floor board are proof enough that your home might just be a cosy nesting ground for rodents. Right from chewing up your dry wall to infiltrating floor boards, rodents cause significant damage to your home. This is why you should be on a lookout for such invading pests to avoid all sorts of lifestyle hazards.

How Rodents Disrupt Your Home?

Domestic households and commercial setups in Texas now face a common problem – rodent infestation. This is because Texas flaunts a suitable environment that’s particularly appealing for rodents. Right from roof rats to house mice, these squeaky drifters are just about everywhere. Even though you can catch such pesky rodents in rickety old traps, this solution is not always effective. Here are few of the common problems you’ll face because of rodent infestation –

  •         Potential Disease Carriers

These mammalian invaders are known carriers for many diseases. Rodents cause serious outbreaks posing potential health-related concerns. Tick fever, Rat Bite fever, Leptospirosis and Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome are just few of the diseases that rodents can easily spread.

  •         Produce Breeding Grounds

Even a single rodent can potentially lead to a full-scale infestation. You can say goodbye to your stack of newspapers, the pile of magazines and cardboard boxes. They will use just about anything to nest on for breeding – as long as the surface is soft, comfortable and warm.

  •         Structural Damage

rodent control in Austin, TX

Rodents are prolific chewers and can gnaw through anything – from plastic to wood. You’ll often come across distinctive holes, and bite marks on wooden panels, and floor boards. Apart from being unhygienic, rodents also cause structural damage and leave behind droppings near kitchen cabinets, drawers, dustbins and in pantries.

  •         Disrupting a Water Source

One of the biggest issues while dealing with rodent infestation is the contamination of free standing water. Rodents will drink water from bowls, chew into drainage pipes and disrupt your filter system by ripping through insulation wires.

Get Professional Assistance for Rodent Control in Austin, TX

It is unpleasant, and quite alarming to catch a rat disappearing into a shoddy hole while you’re in the midst of spring cleaning. The best way to confirm an infestation would be by scheduling a routine pest check just to catch the problem early. Your safest option for rodent control in Austin, TX would be seeking professional help from Nature’s Own Pest Control experts.  

  •         Before rodent control, their experts perform a thorough field inspection
  •         Always target those areas first where rodent population is most rampant
  •         Shut off all critical entry points to avoid future rodent infiltration

If you’ve recently discovered a rodent problem in your house then it is time to call in the experts at Nature’s Own Pest Control who integrate comprehensive, cost effective and time friendly pest control routines. Request a quote and connect with their experienced service technicians to ensure protection against rodents and pests.