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The hot and tropical climate that Houston provides is the perfect home for a wide array of insects and other types of pests. It’s not unlikely that you’ll run into an infestation within the home at some point, so don’t freak out if you see a German Cockroach or spider crawling across your floor.

Houston pest control companies are experienced in treating these common pests, and they should be taken care of in no time. But once the pests are out and the job is done, what about any leftover residue from the pesticides?

Opportunity for Leftovers

Depending on the kind of extermination used in your home, there could be opportunities for toxic leftovers to linger long after the service. Leftover chemicals pose a risk to you, your children, your pets, and your immediate environment. The Center for Disease Control reports that these harmful chemicals can cause health issues such as reproductive issues, cancer, and neurological issues, just to mention a few. Children are at a much higher risk, as they are still developing and can be closer to the areas sprayed while crawling or playing. Pets can easily get into the chemicals if they are attracted to the scent. Ingestion of these chemicals can be extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Limit the Risk

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Traps or baits are a great way to treat pests in a controlled way that will limit the residue of toxic waste leftover after the treatment. If using a spraying service, make sure the spray is only being applied in the affected areas. The less space sprayed, the less space there is to worry about afterward. If the affected area is indoors, use the product sparingly. There’s no need to use excess, as the chemicals can hang around much longer inside. Instead, use just what is needed to get the job done.

If you’re still worried about the lingering pesticides after an indoor spray, do your part to air out your home. Opening windows or doors for a few hours a day will help to ventilate the inside of your home and keep the fumes from getting trapped in your breathing space.

A Safe Bet

One of the best ways to reduce or eliminate the toxic leftovers after an extermination would be to simply use natural products that you don’t have to worry about harming you or your home. Ask your pest control company what products they are using to treat your home, and do your research. Ideally, they would be using a non-toxic, EPA-approved “SAFE,” and FDA-approved pesticide comprised of natural ingredients you can feel good about.

These alternative products are rising in popularity and have proven much safer to humans, animals, and the natural environment alike. Before you hire a pest control service, do your research to see if they offer a non-toxic option. Ask them about the product and what they know about the leftover residue, if any. Any good, knowledgeable company should be confident in answering these questions.

Choose Peace of Mind

The quickest route to peace of mind about a toxic-free home is to use a non-toxic pesticide. At Nature’s Own Pest & Lawn Services, we use all organic pesticides to treat your home and keep all the people and pets that live inside of it happy. Call today to request a free quote!