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Seeing damage to your Texas home, noticing small feces laying around, or catching creepy crawly things in the corners are sure signs of pest invasion. While it might seem like a small issue at the time, the problem will quickly escalate. The easiest thing to do at the first sign of pests is to give your favorite pest control company a call to handle the problem before it gets bad.

Taking to the Internet for DIY help, you might come across what seem like quick fixes to your problem. While there might be countless user reviews that swear the home remedies work, there’s no guarantee or warranty to back them so you may be left with the same problem after investing your own time and money. Rather than getting your own hands dirty and trying to eliminate the pest presence, let a trained and certified professional handle your pest issue to give you solace in knowing your home is protected the best it can be.

During your Google search for pest control in San Antonio, you may have come across some information about pest services. Two frequently asked questions that may have crossed your mind during this time are, “How long does it take for pest control services to work?” or, “How many visits does it take to get rid of pests?” To get a complete answer to this inquiry, there are a couple things you must first consider.

Here are the biggest things that come in to play to determine the number of San Antonio pest control visits that are required to fix the issue:

1. The kind and quality of the pest control company is important.

Get Rid of Pests in San Antonio

Ideally, your pest control company comes with years of experience in the San Antonio, Texas, climate and dealing with native pests to the area. Also, they should have great references and ratings from previous customers. If they are experienced and well-respected pest control exterminators in San Antonio, Texas, the number of service visits will be kept to a minimum.

2. The type of control service used matters.

If the type of pest issue you have can be dealt with via bait traps, then there will be recurring visits in order to check the traps and replace the bait, in order to capture and eliminate the entire colony of pests. Oftentimes, termites and other pests may be treated this way.

Liquid spray services can be very effective to eliminating infestations of certain kinds of pests, as they can penetrate deep into the ground or the frame of housing. Such services may require 2-3 visits.

Another option is fumigation, which is extremely effective and will only require one service; however, you may have to leave your home for a few days while it fumigates.

3.  The type of pests and infestation comes into play.

Get Rid of Pests in San Antonio

Whether it’s termites, ants, mice, or cockroaches, the kind of pests play a big part in how easy it is to get rid of them. Some pests are easier to run out of the house than others. Be sure to ask your company what the average treatment time is for your particular issues. Also, the magnitude of your infestation is an important aspect. Logically, the more pests there are in your home, the longer it will take to get all of them out.

Play It Safe

While having an San Antonio pest control company come out several times to treat your home may not be ideal, living with pests is even less ideal. Play it safe and request a service visit from us at Nature’s Own Pest Control for a thorough and professional extermination experience.