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Calling animal removal in Texas can be very helpful when an unexpected guest has entered your home. There are specific rules when it comes down to wildlife. For instance, the removal should always be done humanely, and you should never pick up or feed the animal.

Your Safety Comes First

Before calling wildlife removal in Texas, you need to know a few things. Sometimes, wildlife carries diseases that you or your pets can get. For this reason, it’s important to never get too close to an intruder and risk being attacked. Instead, use the following tips to ensure your safety while you wait for the wildlife removal service to show up:

  • Never corner an animal as this will scare them causing them to feel threatened. They’ll defend themselves at all costs and this may mean attaching you. Always be cautious around wildlife.
  • Don’t ever set a trap for the animal. You could end up trapping the neighbor’s cat or your very own pet instead.wildlife removal texas
  • If you find an animal inside your home, it is best to remain calm, close interior doors, and leave the room. Most times the animal will just let themselves out. You can gently use a broom to guide the animal outside if needed.
  • Whatever you do, don’t ever try and kill an animal. For one, this is illegal, and it may result in them fighting back. Not to mention, you may end up with a dead animal trapped in your wall or another hard to reach space.
  • Some species of wildlife carry disease. So unless you are experienced and trained in capturing or handling wildlife, keep your distance and give us a call.
  • You may come across products that claim to repel wildlife from your home. Research shows that these products are not very effective in repelling wildlife and some can actually attract other animals to your home.
  • Call a wildlife provider immediately for life-threatening emergencies like a crocodile in your home. If you find an injured animal keep, at your distance. They will most likely be very afraid and attempt to defend themselves.

texas wildlife removal

Keeping these tips in mind will allow you to make informed decisions about what action to take. A good rule of thumb: if you ever feel threatened, give a wildlife expert a call.

When in Doubt, Consult the Professionals

Before taking matters into your own hands, take some time to do research. Raccoons, for instance, carry a type of roundworm larvae that is harmful to human beings. For this reason, don’t ever try to clean up raccoon latrine. Instead, contact a wildlife removal Texas professional to solve this problem.

At Nature’s Own Pest Control, we are proud of the timely, effective services that we provide to homeowners struggling with wildlife. Our technicians are trained and equipped with the right gear and clothing to protect you from an attack during the removal process. We greatly advise you not to ever try and handle an intruder on your own. Instead, call us for a free estimate about your wildlife maintenance issue.